Homemade Healthy Cough Drops

Did you notice anything about that list? All of those herbs have powerful healing properties, and every single one of them is available at almost any grocery store, and are inexpensive to boot. Who says high quality herbal remedies have to be expensive?

There are many different ways you can make your hard syrup into cough drops, you could even make them into lollipops with lollipop sticks and molds.

How To Not Make A Mess

One common way is to let the syrup cool until it’s just barely cool enough to handle, and then roll them into lozenges with your hands.

I found doing that to be awfully sticky though, and decided to do things the easy way and drop the hot syrup onto parchment paper.

Maybe they’re not as pretty, but I ended up with zero mess, and yes, the cough drops pop right off the parchment paper. Nothing sticks to that stuff.

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