Rid Of Dark Pores On The Legs

Many women end up dealing with dark pores on their legs. They look a bit like dark spots, and because they look a bit like the spots found on strawberries, some people refer to them as “strawberry legs.” If you have an olive or light skin tone, then those dark spots look noticeable on your legs. Medically, these pores are known as “open comediennes.” They occur when open pores become plugged with bacteria, oil, and dirt. When air reaches the pores, the oil in the pores reacts with the oxygen, making the pores turn black or very dark.

What Causes the Dark Pores?
In many cases, women notice that these dark pores show up right after shaving. If you’re using a dull razor, it may pull at the leg hair without removing the follicle completely, which may cause the dark pores.

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